Docs To-Do List

Since the first release in 2007, the documentation of Unbound has been maintained with a heavy focus on manual pages. As the resolver has become more versatile and feature-rich over the years, the NLnet Labs team decided to add this documentation, providing installation guides for different platforms, practical use cases, and background information.

The to-do list below provides an overview if the the topics we still have to cover. If you feel something is missing, please open an issue on GitHub to let us know.


If you would like to write one or more of these pages, we’re happy to compensate you for your time. Contact us at or find us on Twitter.

Use Cases

  • Resolver setup for enterprise networks

  • Resolver setup for ISPs

  • Maximum privacy resolver


  • Resiliency (e.g. Rate Limiting, ACLs)

  • EDNS Client Subnet

Filtering and Manipulating Data

  • Local Zones and Local Data

  • Expansion to all RPZ triggers and actions


  • Auth Zone

  • Encryption

  • QNAME Minimisation


  • Architecture

  • Code structure

  • Server selection

  • DNSSEC Trust Anchor Management (unbound-anchor and RFC 5011)

  • Python modules